Which wood is best suited for your stove or fireplace?

Whether you have a stove or fireplace, is not so important. Well what woods you fired. Many different woods burn well because they are not dried properly, all be fired. In the following article you will get some information about the different types of wood and possibilities.

Ash is undoubtedly an ideal wood for the fireplace. Tough, hard and elastic wood. Gives a slow burn and good heat. Also very suitable for the larger fireplaces. Provides great flames.

Birch wood is also an excellent fireplace wood. Birch wood is a wood that gives little contamination of the flue are clean burning. The wood is very pure, but can “suffer” having mushroom growth. While this does not hurt, it looks a bit silly. Naturally dried wood colors gray and kiln dried gives it a nice white color. The bark has the property that it catches fire very easily. A disadvantage is that the burn quickly.

Oak is a very hard, but elastic wood. The fire very long with little smoke and wood do not often be so bijgedaan. The wood must have dried for at least two years before it is used. When it is dry the wood displays moving and crackling flames.

Alder wood is lighter than the above species. Wood The combustion is very good, but the fire faster than oak and ash. On But thus provides faster its heat to the environment. This wood is particularly suitable for soapstone stoves. The soapstone gives very long heat to the environment.

Hornbeam and fruit trees
Although this type of wood is not very common, it is very suitable as firewood.

Coniferous and deciduous
Although conifers give a lot of heat, this timber has the disadvantage that it can burn quickly and the sparks caused by the resins in the timber, to jump far away. Not suitable for a fireplace so. In a heater you will not suffer from this disadvantage. So in the fireplace, use best hardwood that burns quietly, like wood of beech, maple and fruit trees. An alternative may be to a fire grate to protect carpet or persons, places for the fireplace.

Not all trees are good burners: linden, willow, chestnut and poplar wood do not burn best and thus give too little heat

Wood briquettes are an excellent choice for heating in the house. They are made of pressed wood shavings and wood fiber waste left over from the timber industry. Furthermore there any additives in it.

Wood Pellets
Wood pellets are pressed pellets (wood waste products) that can be used in a special pellet stove or heating system.

Spruce is a wood that is very common and is used mainly for construction and pallet wood. Is a soft wood species, which is only suitable to be fired in a stove. Want from the burning often jump sparks and burns quickly. It gives a high heat of combustion and if you are for the sawing, often also get free (disposable pallets or scrap wood). Itself has Please note varnished or stained wood. This gives a major pollution in your chimney and is bad for the environment.

The wood can also be the best thing on the ground so there can not draw moisture and also taking care to properly ventilate the timber.

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