Modern interior and retro styles

It sounds contradictory, but it is still far come: various modern interior styles exist now so long that they can serve as retro. This concerns mainly furniture and other household products for the first time in the 50s 60s and 70s came on the market. It mainly involves furniture designed within the functional modernism, where the function of the furniture was considered more important than the form. Nowadays the simple but sleek shapes from this style, however highly valued.

There is been a development during the said decades of austere modern in the 50s to sleek modern in the 70s:

  •     In the 50s there was the first case of mass production of furniture. To make that possible the furniture should remain very simple.
  •     In the 60s there was room for more cheerful and playful furniture designs, both in color and form.
  •     In the 70s, finally got the really straight, modern interiors in fashion.

However, these interiors called a reaction to what led to the beginning of postmodernism in the course of the 70s, which was shaped more attention than function. However, this is a cautious start. Only in the 80s is postmodernism really charge with plenty of attention to form, color and decorations. As a result, it is modern, functional interior in disgrace.

That time is now behind us. Since a few years, the modern interior of around 60s is enjoying a growing popularity. That is clear both in the form of retro, with furniture from that time known designers like the brothers Eames, Mies van der Rohe or Arne Jacobsen get back in his. On the other hand find it back in new furniture, whose designs are inspired by mentioned predecessors.

Geometric relationships have always been important in modern design. That can obviously get expression with various forms, but the very sleek design with mostly straight lines has become one of the most famous variations. More than other furniture cabinets and tables suitable for forming into working out.

Modern cabinets
The bookcase, dresser / sideboard and TV cabinet by their naturally straight constitute important elements in the modern decor. In this context, does a sleek interior also in kitchens very well. Currently beside cabinets sleek designer kitchens are to regain the full.

However, even more playful and round designs from later periods are available. Consider, for example, straight cabinets with rounded corners or closets with a honeycomb design.

The colors in which these pieces are often available in line with those belonging to the modern art: black, white and primary colors red, yellow and blue. In addition, red moreover significantly more common than yellow and blue. Remarkably, however, this familiar combinations are supplemented by a number of shades of gray and medium gray and anthracite. Grey was still seen in the past as a boring for an interior, but in practice it is, of course, to combine a very good color. Interspersed with other, more vivid colors, there is no dull or dreary.

In addition to the primary colors are the years but also some other, some brighter but deep colors become common in modern interiors. These are colors like orange, apple green, cyclamen and turquoise. In such colors you will not find fast all furniture and kitchens (though it can), but in addition to small scale they can give a fresh effect.

Your taste?
Although the discussed design furniture currently very fashionable here and get plenty, you better just as well for you to think they actually purchase. These are namely quite pronounced furniture and kitchens not exactly blend unobtrusively into the rest of the interior. And since you are probably a good time you live in, so you’d better be sure that you really want to do for a longer period.

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