How do you organize your rooms

Have you finally found a nice room, then it is time to start thinking about the decor. Then there are some things that come into play such as the dimensions of the room, what do you need and how do you organize it?

The dimensions of the room
The dimensions of the room will determine how the room can be best equipped. Here you have to go all aware from the moment you start searching. If you only have a single bed and a desk like it is a room of 9 m² enough. But you want to have a reasonable closet and a double denotes soon to the 12 sqm. Would you then also have a sitting with you must be at least 18 sqm. Are you home habituated from space and you have no common area is wise to choose a room from 16 sqm. So you have enough space for yourself and you have this way also more ways to decorate your room in her own sentences.

The golden tip for finding the right room first think about what you need and then go looking for a room that meets your requirements. Please note that not only on the surface but also on the shape of the room. With an L-shaped room, you can very different directions than a rectangular one. If you have found a room make a floor plan with dimensions in scale. So you can put on paper your room already completely set up, which is easier than your gear shift several times.

What do I need
Before you buy the stuff and the room is set up it is important to first know what exactly you need. If you go to college is a bed, a desk and a wardrobe minimal. If there is no common area can be nice to also have a private sitting area. Also check that the room could use a new color, or hang curtains and whether a floor is in. By example, one wall to give a dark color and the rest a matching light color, you create more space in the small room, also care for light furniture. The floor should be then darker, for example, a dark-colored laminate or a matched color carpet. The price tag is also wise to look at what you already have and what you do not need at home with your parents, you can take this easy.

What are my options
Do you have a small room, for example, 9 m² and you still want a seat, then it might be wise to purchase a sofa bed. That’s a day to bed that you can turn it into a bank. There are also beds to get to the bottom drawers, so you save space in a good way. For the books can wardrobes are a nice outcome. These can be hung on the wall at the desired height, for example over your bed or above your desk. Do you occasionally your friend (s) to sleep, then there are also those singles you can slide into a double bed. But even a skeptic may be a nice solution. It’s all entirely up to you, go for a browse in shops and on the Internet. Now you can arrange everything to your own taste!

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