Country living: trends, tips, and interior lighting

A rural interior is characterized by the use of weathered materials and natural colors. Country living is in a farm, but in a new house is this style of decorating up well. As with many things is to choosing a residential-style planning is necessary. Form a clear picture of the atmosphere that you have in mind and do not forget to choose the tastiest where you feel comfortable with yourself. Atmosphere that Dare to combine and determine your own combinations. Form your own dream decor and live like no one lives.

Country living; should I choose?
Often choosing the right styles, colors and materials, a big dilemma and you do not. Soon see the trees for the forest Luckily rural living a clearly recognizable style, or not? After a bit of snooping around in stores and on the internet, you can still quickly find some variations and the rural living increasingly combined with different ones living styles from modern to classic, but also combinations with vintage stuff we see more and more. Eventually, of course, you do not have to choose, and you decide what you like, combine and what does not. Do you want your own living style well penetrations do so throughout the house. This increases the effect and gives a smoother image.

Start with the basics
What is the basis? The basis of your device, the chosen colors on the walls and floors and the chosen materials. A wooden floor has a completely different feel than a linoleum floor, but the root of your device is more than colors and materials. Also, shapes and structures play an important role. Eventually all counts in the overall atmosphere picture. Consider the finish of your entire house; sockets, door and window hardware, baseboards and so on. For a country feel with the following elements are important for the overall appearance of your home:

Moldings and baseboards
Country living? Start with the basics and take it well. Placing and / or replacing trims have a large impact on the look of the room. Besides that trims fit well with country-style d├ęcor, they also work the often ugly wall-ceiling joints nice way. The places you have to do, but you are a good handyman you can also create them get to work. The price of moldings vary greatly and depends on the material and the model chosen. Besides moldings you can finish the floor with beautiful moldings. Characteristic of a rural interior is the high plinth, the plinth is often finished with a beautiful milled edge. This edge has many variations and is available both independant stores and on the Internet. The quality can vary greatly inform well in humid areas is a plinth of better quality might be a better solution.

Doors and door fittings
Do you have a new home and you want a country feel? Replace your simple doors panel doors. Panel doors you can buy both new and used. The effect of new doors can be called large. The choice of door hardware is important, widely used is the 30’s door fittings, especially ton model is widely used. It is often worthwhile but underestimated the cost of replacing doors and door fittings not, that can add up quickly. Even traditional rural door hardware is available. Both in stores and in online shops.

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