Christmas Trends 2014

As every year, there are again discern clear trends Christmas. If you are a modern but still want to create cozy atmosphere with want to impress the holidays and you visit with your Christmas decorations, be sure that you are aware of the trends this year so you know what you need to look in the store.

This year there are several distinct styles in the Christmas decorations. So you can choose a style that suits your living room and your preference. At the same time so you can also combine different elements to create a unique Christmas decorations.

Blue, gray and bronze, finished with monochrome and geometric figures
This combination Christmas trend of 2014 because copper is in! Dark blue is combined with gray accents, so this trend has a very modern interpretation. This style gives your living room an industrial and minimalist decoration. The bronze and brass accents like some balls or candle holder still give a warm impression that the contrast of hot and cold are united into one whole. In addition to the three colors blue, gray and bronze mainly use of black and white contrasts which are repeated in geometric figures. This sleek style for the boldest and finished with elements made glass, ceramic, steel or chrome.

Strikingly colorful animals and elements
trendAn innovative Christmas trend this year is the use of bright colors such as rose, bright red, purple, turquoise and yellow. At the same time these colors are mixed with animal patterns such as parrots and peacocks. This colorful, tad extravagant Christmas trend that brings the jungle in your living room is warm, pleasant and fun for the kids. With this style hear exotic flowers and the typical painted porcelain tableware.

Red and purple with gold and dark blue
This style combines warm bordeau- and purples that are interspersed with gold, ocher and dark blue accents. So you get a warm but still a tad modern atmosphere. What is certain is that this Christmas trend is suitable for those who love a chic living room with a warm glow. The colors come back in different fabrics such as knits, linen and jute. What all of this year, the felted figures that can be hung in the tree.

Like last year, the pastel colors are back to absolute top. Favorite colors this year are pearl, mint green, soft pink and apricot. This style brings a magical feeling upwards and is therefore perfectly finished with decorations such as butterflies and silk tablecloths. The traditional elements are interspersed with Japanese patterns and charcoal drawings on rice paper.

In addition to these four big Christmas trends, there are two styles this year make their advance:

Turquoise, white and wood
This trend Christmas bring you the snow cover from your garden inside. In this style turquoise constitutes the dominating element with respect to the soft wood tones and the white background. This effect are created by small accessories such as candles, candle holder or a few little balls choosing the turquoise color and choosing the rest of the neutral, soft tones. This is a modern yet cozy style that you can still make something more stylish by some silver to add elements such as a candle or silver plate.

Traditional green, white and red with a hint of black
These traditional colors bring back memories of a cold winter you with a warm cup of cocoa in front of your fireplace. The Christmas tree is decorated with black and red Christmas balls and finished with a layer of snow. Classic red stockings hung over the fireplace. This style will kill you with knitting jobs such as knitted socks in the Christmas tree or crocheted mats. The coffee table Finally, you finish with a white bowl decorated with Christmas cookies and a few pine cones on a red satin tablecloth.

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