Christmas Plant of all time: the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the most sold plant during the Christmas period. From living rooms to market squares, you get him anywhere. Great Christmas trees, small Christmas trees, fake Christmas trees, wooden design Christmas trees, Christmas trees where the lighting is built … spoiled for choice!

What is a tree?
The Christmas tree is a conifer that is taken around Christmas at home. He is then decorated with balls and figurines, garlands, lights and possibly a peak.

The origin
The Christmas tree stands next to fertility also symbolize the rebirth of the light. We then talk about the Christmas tree as spruce, not pine. The symbolism of the Christmas tree goes back at least to Ancient Roman festival Saturnia. During this festival, the death of the last year and the birth of the new year is celebrated with decorations of evergreen plants. These trees were then surrounded by sacrifice. The balls, stars and crescents which they hung in the pine had a cosmic significance.

The Christmas tree and Christianity
The Roman Catholic Church has kept the Christmas tree because of its pagan roots long time. The Christmas tree has absolutely nothing to do with the Christian Christmas. Since 1982, stands at the Vatican a Christmas tree. Catholics initially preferred a nativity Christmas tree. The triangular shape of the holy trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) represent. The Christmas tree had therefore to their more successful. The Catholic Church has its own meaning to the tree.

Types of Christmas trees
The artificial Christmas tree is also very popular. Nowadays, even the slightly processed in these trees. The trees may well be made up of a metal frame with flame retardant plastic needles, many are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. And miss the smell of a real tree? Then there are aerosols with the smell of a real tree for sale.

Which you can decorate a Christmas tree?

  •     Christmas balls or figurines
  •     Garlands
  •     A spike, star, bow or angel in the tip of the tree
  •     Tinsel
  •     Christmas tree lights
  •     Biscuits and sweets
  •     A Christmas ornament under the tree
  •     Presents on the tree
  •     Furthermore, you can also make a Christmas village with miniature houses.

Christmas Sales

The Christmas tree was formerly sold via street. Nowadays, many people buy their copy in large stores, garden centers and even over the Internet. They have less and less time to buy a Christmas tree in the street. It is therefore useful if you put it together with your groceries can buy anywhere. The competition in the selling Christmas trees is growing. The trees are offered at the lowest prices to attract people. The shops make more profit today on the accessories and decorations of the Christmas tree. A new trend in the field of Christmas trees is the adoptive sale, lease or deposit trees entrance. The trees with root ball can be hired and be handed in after Christmas. The trees are then replanted.

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