Brighten your interior: decorations on the wall

Decorations in your house also determine the style of your interior. Creative ideas themselves express these is fun, but you brighten interior by creating decorations and / or devise satisfying. If you want to decorate your wall but is without inspiration, it is convenient to be able to get ideas. These ideas also fit into a budget. Decorate your wall does not mean that you just hang a nice painting above the sofa.
lighted wall print

In many interiors you still encounter the same things against. And honestly, if you’re looking for something on the wall you do come often a better idea than a painting, a lantern or shelf where you can set up some things.
Decorations for yourself to invent the wall, at least leads to exhilaration of your home and then you also have something on the wall which is pretty original.

Light on the wall
It is very nice to buy lighted wall print that illuminated by the LED lights. This will give your wall a little something extra, especially in a particular light. You do not have to do a whole wall, you can have a square or rectangle on the wall with this special glamor paints, there exactly where you want to hang something on.

A nice trendy print you can simply framing a special list. How to make a wall decoration that perfectly fits your interior. A separate list can be bought at a flea market. But you can also buy a cheap list (or maybe you have another one), and they give a nice color with paint.

Creative with wallpaper
At home you may have an old role lie wallpaper. Or maybe a friend or family member a role.
If not, you can buy in stores today really nice wallpaper gently in a variety of colors and print.
And thus make a nice decoration for your wall.

You can cut a shape out of cardboard, such as a heart. Or maybe just as above an animal figure. It’s really fun to paint this form or figure with latex. How about a cup of deer, patterns can be found on the internet. Tip: the paint does not neatly there. It’s nice when the paint process which is messier as you sundry more to the edges. Also, you can see very well that the board is what’s underneath. Especially white paint on cardboard is very nice and basic.

Something different as wall decoration
There are very nice trendy fruit bowls. Buy fruit bowls once a few, for example, a silver which is exploded. The condition is that the scale is almost flat, but hang the scales on the wall and have your original wall decoration. A tray is perfect as a wall decoration, which must be square and nicely decorated on the inside. Prerequisite for this is that there is a raised edge to sit, so you can bet there slides with a few colorful flowers (art). One plate for the wall does not do it, choose several. You can also combine the bowls and blades in the decoration. Together they then one eye catcher as a decoration on the wall.

Picture wallpaper
Picture wallpaper, design wallpaper or wallpaper with patterns (floral prints) is trendy in your interior. With photo wallpaper you can create a unique style. A long wall, you can emphasize by to photograph wallpaper on doing a skyline. And own pictures can make taking pictures wallpaper. Drawings can be scanned, and here can be made of wallpaper. How creative you want to be, the possibilities are.

Your living room is ready for your decorations ! You do not wonder craft and creative brain to have to make this much money and it has not cost you. But you will see that this is very nice.

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