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Your interior design and layout so that your house looks bigger than it is? Yes, you can and you have no need for interior. The colors combine smart, by utilizing the light well and lamps in the store easy to choose and by coaching yourself in cleaning, you come a long way. Your house is obviously not really bigger, but the space in your home and in your head though! A matter of watching a few aspects. The easiest way is of course if you have just bought or rented house. But it can also if you live somewhere for years! In short, choose your interior conscious and your own house architect!

Villa, mansion, town house, apartment letting broader look
You’d think a house is more than … But also a country house or a villa, you can leave seem wider than it is. It’s just what someone needs.

Daylight, lamplight, mirrors

Opt for maximum daylight in the house. ‘Empty’ windowsills. Few plants in the windowsill. Plain plant pots. Preferably one or two big pots / plants than a lot of little ones. Plain curtains or curtains with a woven pattern in the same color. Well curtains, but not too drapes.

Choose lamps with care. Opt for lamps designed delicately. Light in color, open forms and lamps in the same style. Preferably from the same series of the same designer. This applies both to the basic lighting (ceiling for quite a departure) and work lighting (desk lamps) as the ambient lighting (display lights).

Mirrors provide extra light in the house because they reflect light. Moreover, they reflect the space making the suggestion that there is a space. Please note possible annoying reflections of lamplight. Mirrors need not only be functional, but may also be a decorative object.

Color Choice
Keep the number of colors in your interior modest. Choose bright, quiet colors. Not so bright red!
If you are afraid that it is boring, choose colors that are closely related to each other. Tonal hot that when it comes to clothes. Or care for variation in the structure instead of diversity in your color choice.

Good riddance … spacious

Create peace in your home by keeping your home tidy. Allowing extra closet space needed. Maybe you should even out on a new cabinet. That seems contradictory, because an extra closet taking up additional space. But you get there ‘visual’ space in return. And if you do go to a furniture store for a cabinet or wall unit, go in search of proof cabinets so you do not see all the objects that are in the closet.

Wall Decoration
Keep your wall decoration modest. Again, as in the windowsill would prefer a large poster, painting or photograph instead of a colorful variety of frames in many sizes and colors. And if you do a lot of pictures to hang on, create a photo collage in a large, quiet list.

Room layout
Again, something seemingly contradictory: put all kinds of stuff not against each other, but slightly apart. That suggests space takes all the little square or cubic centimeters of space. Keep the floor surface in the middle empty as possible. No central, rustic coffee table that demands walking space and requires attention.

Be smart with the lines in your home. So you can get a small room (model pijpenla) wider by flooding for example, click laminate by allowing cross lay the upholsterer, so in width. A low room seem higher by vertical lines in the wallpaper. Select cabinets along the wall which have the same depth, so there is as it were, a straight line can be drawn along.

House Design connect with garden design
If you have a room that overlooks garden or balcony, try these spaces to dress in the same style. Therefore it seems that the more spaces fit together, hear more together. And that creates peace.

Priori or furnish more spacious?
If you go with a clean slate, read a new home starts, then such a device requires a lot of thought beforehand.
If you want to work from an existing situation to such spatial organization, calls especially to clean up and step by step what to change details. Also nice, because then you see your house slowly wider! But in both cases there are plenty of opportunities!

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