Beautiful candles, what are the trends winter 2014?

Beautiful candles, what are the trends winter 2014?

Candles we find a very long time in humans, many centuries before the current era. It’s been a long time is the time to extend the day, as it were. Since we invented the artificial light in its current form, the candle has lost functionality. Indeed, the candle is in that direction for a long time had no function … and yet the candle every year is gaining in popularity. The candle in a renewed form.

Decorative Candles Table Centerpiece

Lighted-Christmas-Candle-Table-CenterpieceDuring the winter months we join in the houses where we imagine ourselves safe and we like to stay. It’s cozy and warm and so we fit more than happy to.  The beautiful candle table centerpiece just for mood lighting should ensure there is not so much in print, but more like a combination of candles in the same style, but in different colors often warm, if not on a stand or on a platter. It is a pallet of at least 5 candles and gives a large beam of light in the house. Yet it is not predominant, because the advantage is that it always gives candlelight warm light. Prefer this season goes to the combination of a little glitter with the robust … and that is a bold combination.

If you can get somewhere the word “atmosphere” is on the loose it on the candle. The beautiful candle is made of beeswax or stearic and only the ribbon (string) in the center ensures that you -Once you aansteek the wick – get a beautiful light. The fat melts and is drawn by the capillary action in the wick. At the top of the wick, which has become fat, evaporative gas and burn while radiating heat and light. Along with oil lamps, the torch and the wood burning fire, it is the oldest artificial light that man has always had with him. Especially during the winter months when it is dark very early, this was an ideal way to extend still the day. It was only with less atmosphere than working today.

Scented candle for a wonderful aroma
There are two major differences, on the one hand you have the scented candle. A candle is actually specially put down for the tasty choice. A fragrance that suits you and preferably, but not necessarily, in a package that also turned on.

Scented candles are always in standard scents like vanilla and lavender. But also a kind of sea air, the smell of something delicious laundry on the clothesline to dry or has the smell of cotton. The winter months when the candle is doing even better, also has special winter scents. A good example of a typical winter scent of cinnamon.

However, the trends are to be found, in particular, in the packaging. Large contoured glass containers, which are also later still used, sometimes in the most beautiful colors and shapes. Glass containers with beautiful prints we see. The prints give an impression of a cozy living room … and we also of course they want to especially see. Prints of flowers, wood prints and prints not something specific and can best be described as psychedelic circles overlap. All naturally in warm colors, because it typifies the winter.

Trends are to be found in all kinds of flat and you can not think of it almost as crazy to think that there is a trend. As well as candles and therefore for winter 2014/2015. Although you rather think that a candle is a candle and you can not do much with it, that’s really a misconception.

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