Applying Feng Shui in your home

Feng Shui is a Chinese doctrine that stands for peace and quiet, so a tidy house from which all the excess stuff removed. How to apply Feng Shui now all the best in the main rooms of your house?

Feng Shui
According to Feng Shui, there are five types of energy:

These factors influence each other. To your home really full Feng Shui in focus, you can take the best one in the arm that here understands. It’s complicated matter where you’re using a compass and must determine your birth position the furniture that works best for you. But there are general guidelines that apply to Feng Shui and we will talk about this further on. Else you need to remember is that Feng Shui is yang and yin energy for space and tranquility. Clutter creates hindrance of your energy, so try to eliminate clutter as much as possible.

The kitchen
One of the most important places in the home is the kitchen. The kitchen can stand the best at the back of the house. Recommended colors for the kitchen are white, two, light green and blue in combination with stainless steel. According to Feng Shui can give you the best cooking gas. Water and fire are opposites so you do not put water and fire together. No oven, microwave or stove next to a refrigerator or tap. Cook Islands are ideal because then looks into the kitchen instead of the wall. Knives and other sharp objects should be kept out of sight, because they create negative energy.

Living room
The living room can is best located on the front of the house. Brown, orange, yellow and white colors are suitable for the living room, also for large surfaces such as a wall. Red and black are only suitable for details and accessories. A beautiful family portrait on the wall creates positive energy. Put chairs and benches as possible against a windowless wall of self-confidence. Make sure the door to see the corridor from the bank. If the living room has doors, place it under any circumstances for furniture. This hinders the energy pathways through the house.

Electrical appliances have a negative impact on your sleep. According to Feng Shui bedroom yin must be furnished. That means a bedroom that is used only to sleep without electrical appliances, work, exercise equipment, mirrors and debris. Also belongs in a bedroom at home no water, not even pictures. On the walls hear soothing tones such as white, pastel green and blue, lilac, pink, yellow, brown, purple and beige. Provide soft lighting and a direct view from the bed to the door to the hallway. This door must be fully open (90 degrees) and are not obstructed by boxes or other objects. A stone, shell or other natural object on your nightstand has a calming effect.

Plants take in Feng Shui teaching an important place. Empty corners, you can fill up best with a plant to prevent stagnation of energy. Put plants throughout your home and not in the living room. Especially the bathroom is a place where Feng Shui recommends the presence of plants. It is also important to every room in the house, every day at least 20 minutes to air. Net curtains for the windows to prevent unwanted exposure is also a Feng Shui advice.

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