A new kitchen should be well thought out

Who wants to remodel the kitchen and want to install a new kitchen should decide in advance how much the kitchen should cost and also make a wish list ready. This wish list can be quite extensive, because you can customize it indeed still on budget. Do set a few essential requirements where the kitchen decided to meet. Also beautiful, modern kitchens are not always as organized as the one it has to work that would want.

Sometimes people are not entirely happy afterwards with the whole design of the kitchen. The doors turn the “wrong” way, the new refrigerator was reorganized, resulting in less than can the previous, no water tub can be filled there because the crane is not high enough or the sink is smaller, and go so on. So always remember what qualities your old kitchen were very nice and so decide what you want to see in the new kitchen back.

What type of cuisine
Decide what kind of cuisine you desire. Do you have room for a large kitchen with a long table and where you often can let guests bring food if you have only a small space, you want to ease as much as possible and place for preparing tasty dishes. If you want a kitchen island or kitchen against the wall, with or without corner it. And if so, what do you do with the corner cabinet? Sit there a turntable or choose a different solution? There are also corner cabinets where you can pull the door forward, the entire contents of shelves with pull out so you can get to anywhere.

Drawers and cupboards
A pharmacy drawer is obviously very handy for storing bottles and other stuff that a normal drawer often does not fit or to fall over. The cutlery tray can often be incorporated into another tray, so that the full height of the tray can be used. In addition, the cutlery drawer must be closed separately. Note soft closing drawers with inhibitory activity. Good for your ears and good for the drawers.

The durable kitchen
You can also opt for a kitchen of durable material with solid wood doors and other natural materials. Each new kitchen is now also equipped with the most modern and especially the most energy-efficient equipment, which allow residents not only easier, but also consume no more energy than is necessary. Similarly, there is the boiling water tap, where you can turn off immediately tea and the tea kettle and makes all unnecessary. Not recommended for small children and it is getting used to, but easy for those who know how to deal with it.

The industrial kitchen
Then there are the sleek kitchens of stainless steel, which could be positioned in a restaurant. Not everyone’s choice, because these kitchens are beautiful, but often do very cold and sterile to. For a cozy kitchen they are therefore less suitable and often the price is also much higher than those of other cuisines.

Organize the worktop
Bake you like or do you like to jam, make for a great location (about two or three tables away) at the top, where you can roll over your dough, jam jars can be filled or can prepare desserts. If leaf illogical places is interrupted by the sink and the stove and in between becoming just a piece leaf above a locker is free, you can not do much with it. Especially in small kitchens, it is wise to have next to the crane left and right on the blade place for any dishes and washing fruits and vegetables, in addition to the stove and the rest of the sheet to use as a contiguous surface.

The height of the counter top
At the counter you must be able to work up, so you will not get back pain from leaning forward assist the preparation of the dishes. Talk about when buying your kitchen. Also provide a raised edge on the front and side of the counter. It is now sometimes omitted, but is rather impractical. If the coffee maker, kettle or hit something accidentally leak or you mess with a pan, the water is at least not right away along the cabinets down and the floor, but remains on the counter.

The floor
You grows throughout the kitchen, choose immediately a good tile floor from where you have little to see and that is easy to keep clean. White floor tiles in a kitchen are very nice, but usually not very practical, as it should be able to work and there is sometimes some on the ground. Ask at the tile trade to a tile that is colored through and through and that is resistant to stains.

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