Applying Feng Shui in your home

Feng Shui is a Chinese doctrine that stands for peace and quiet, so a tidy house from which all the excess stuff removed. How to apply Feng Shui now all the best in the main rooms of your house?

Feng Shui
According to Feng Shui, there are five types of energy:

These factors influence each other. To your home really full Feng Shui in focus, you can take the best one in the arm that here understands. It’s complicated matter where you’re using a compass and must determine your birth position the furniture that works best for you. But there are general guidelines that apply to Feng Shui and we will talk about this further on. Else you need to remember is that Feng Shui is yang and yin energy for space and tranquility. Clutter creates hindrance of your energy, so try to eliminate clutter as much as possible.

The kitchen
One of the most important places in the home is the kitchen. The kitchen can stand the best at the back of the house. Recommended colors for the kitchen are white, two, light green and blue in combination with stainless steel. According to Feng Shui can give you the best cooking gas. Water and fire are opposites so you do not put water and fire together. No oven, microwave or stove next to a refrigerator or tap. Cook Islands are ideal because then looks into the kitchen instead of the wall. Knives and other sharp objects should be kept out of sight, because they create negative energy.

Living room
The living room can is best located on the front of the house. Brown, orange, yellow and white colors are suitable for the living room, also for large surfaces such as a wall. Red and black are only suitable for details and accessories. A beautiful family portrait on the wall creates positive energy. Put chairs and benches as possible against a windowless wall of self-confidence. Make sure the door to see the corridor from the bank. If the living room has doors, place it under any circumstances for furniture. This hinders the energy pathways through the house.

Electrical appliances have a negative impact on your sleep. According to Feng Shui bedroom yin must be furnished. That means a bedroom that is used only to sleep without electrical appliances, work, exercise equipment, mirrors and debris. Also belongs in a bedroom at home no water, not even pictures. On the walls hear soothing tones such as white, pastel green and blue, lilac, pink, yellow, brown, purple and beige. Provide soft lighting and a direct view from the bed to the door to the hallway. This door must be fully open (90 degrees) and are not obstructed by boxes or other objects. A stone, shell or other natural object on your nightstand has a calming effect.

Plants take in Feng Shui teaching an important place. Empty corners, you can fill up best with a plant to prevent stagnation of energy. Put plants throughout your home and not in the living room. Especially the bathroom is a place where Feng Shui recommends the presence of plants. It is also important to every room in the house, every day at least 20 minutes to air. Net curtains for the windows to prevent unwanted exposure is also a Feng Shui advice.

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Modern interior and retro styles

It sounds contradictory, but it is still far come: various modern interior styles exist now so long that they can serve as retro. This concerns mainly furniture and other household products for the first time in the 50s 60s and 70s came on the market. It mainly involves furniture designed within the functional modernism, where the function of the furniture was considered more important than the form. Nowadays the simple but sleek shapes from this style, however highly valued.

There is been a development during the said decades of austere modern in the 50s to sleek modern in the 70s:

  •     In the 50s there was the first case of mass production of furniture. To make that possible the furniture should remain very simple.
  •     In the 60s there was room for more cheerful and playful furniture designs, both in color and form.
  •     In the 70s, finally got the really straight, modern interiors in fashion.

However, these interiors called a reaction to what led to the beginning of postmodernism in the course of the 70s, which was shaped more attention than function. However, this is a cautious start. Only in the 80s is postmodernism really charge with plenty of attention to form, color and decorations. As a result, it is modern, functional interior in disgrace.

That time is now behind us. Since a few years, the modern interior of around 60s is enjoying a growing popularity. That is clear both in the form of retro, with furniture from that time known designers like the brothers Eames, Mies van der Rohe or Arne Jacobsen get back in his. On the other hand find it back in new furniture, whose designs are inspired by mentioned predecessors.

Geometric relationships have always been important in modern design. That can obviously get expression with various forms, but the very sleek design with mostly straight lines has become one of the most famous variations. More than other furniture cabinets and tables suitable for forming into working out.

Modern cabinets
The bookcase, dresser / sideboard and TV cabinet by their naturally straight constitute important elements in the modern decor. In this context, does a sleek interior also in kitchens very well. Currently beside cabinets sleek designer kitchens are to regain the full.

However, even more playful and round designs from later periods are available. Consider, for example, straight cabinets with rounded corners or closets with a honeycomb design.

The colors in which these pieces are often available in line with those belonging to the modern art: black, white and primary colors red, yellow and blue. In addition, red moreover significantly more common than yellow and blue. Remarkably, however, this familiar combinations are supplemented by a number of shades of gray and medium gray and anthracite. Grey was still seen in the past as a boring for an interior, but in practice it is, of course, to combine a very good color. Interspersed with other, more vivid colors, there is no dull or dreary.

In addition to the primary colors are the years but also some other, some brighter but deep colors become common in modern interiors. These are colors like orange, apple green, cyclamen and turquoise. In such colors you will not find fast all furniture and kitchens (though it can), but in addition to small scale they can give a fresh effect.

Your taste?
Although the discussed design furniture currently very fashionable here and get plenty, you better just as well for you to think they actually purchase. These are namely quite pronounced furniture and kitchens not exactly blend unobtrusively into the rest of the interior. And since you are probably a good time you live in, so you’d better be sure that you really want to do for a longer period.

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A new kitchen should be well thought out

Who wants to remodel the kitchen and want to install a new kitchen should decide in advance how much the kitchen should cost and also make a wish list ready. This wish list can be quite extensive, because you can customize it indeed still on budget. Do set a few essential requirements where the kitchen decided to meet. Also beautiful, modern kitchens are not always as organized as the one it has to work that would want.

Sometimes people are not entirely happy afterwards with the whole design of the kitchen. The doors turn the “wrong” way, the new refrigerator was reorganized, resulting in less than can the previous, no water tub can be filled there because the crane is not high enough or the sink is smaller, and go so on. So always remember what qualities your old kitchen were very nice and so decide what you want to see in the new kitchen back.

What type of cuisine
Decide what kind of cuisine you desire. Do you have room for a large kitchen with a long table and where you often can let guests bring food if you have only a small space, you want to ease as much as possible and place for preparing tasty dishes. If you want a kitchen island or kitchen against the wall, with or without corner it. And if so, what do you do with the corner cabinet? Sit there a turntable or choose a different solution? There are also corner cabinets where you can pull the door forward, the entire contents of shelves with pull out so you can get to anywhere.

Drawers and cupboards
A pharmacy drawer is obviously very handy for storing bottles and other stuff that a normal drawer often does not fit or to fall over. The cutlery tray can often be incorporated into another tray, so that the full height of the tray can be used. In addition, the cutlery drawer must be closed separately. Note soft closing drawers with inhibitory activity. Good for your ears and good for the drawers.

The durable kitchen
You can also opt for a kitchen of durable material with solid wood doors and other natural materials. Each new kitchen is now also equipped with the most modern and especially the most energy-efficient equipment, which allow residents not only easier, but also consume no more energy than is necessary. Similarly, there is the boiling water tap, where you can turn off immediately tea and the tea kettle and makes all unnecessary. Not recommended for small children and it is getting used to, but easy for those who know how to deal with it.

The industrial kitchen
Then there are the sleek kitchens of stainless steel, which could be positioned in a restaurant. Not everyone’s choice, because these kitchens are beautiful, but often do very cold and sterile to. For a cozy kitchen they are therefore less suitable and often the price is also much higher than those of other cuisines.

Organize the worktop
Bake you like or do you like to jam, make for a great location (about two or three tables away) at the top, where you can roll over your dough, jam jars can be filled or can prepare desserts. If leaf illogical places is interrupted by the sink and the stove and in between becoming just a piece leaf above a locker is free, you can not do much with it. Especially in small kitchens, it is wise to have next to the crane left and right on the blade place for any dishes and washing fruits and vegetables, in addition to the stove and the rest of the sheet to use as a contiguous surface.

The height of the counter top
At the counter you must be able to work up, so you will not get back pain from leaning forward assist the preparation of the dishes. Talk about when buying your kitchen. Also provide a raised edge on the front and side of the counter. It is now sometimes omitted, but is rather impractical. If the coffee maker, kettle or hit something accidentally leak or you mess with a pan, the water is at least not right away along the cabinets down and the floor, but remains on the counter.

The floor
You grows throughout the kitchen, choose immediately a good tile floor from where you have little to see and that is easy to keep clean. White floor tiles in a kitchen are very nice, but usually not very practical, as it should be able to work and there is sometimes some on the ground. Ask at the tile trade to a tile that is colored through and through and that is resistant to stains.

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Brighten your interior: decorations on the wall

Decorations in your house also determine the style of your interior. Creative ideas themselves express these is fun, but you brighten interior by creating decorations and / or devise satisfying. If you want to decorate your wall but is without inspiration, it is convenient to be able to get ideas. These ideas also fit into a budget. Decorate your wall does not mean that you just hang a nice painting above the sofa.
lighted wall print

In many interiors you still encounter the same things against. And honestly, if you’re looking for something on the wall you do come often a better idea than a painting, a lantern or shelf where you can set up some things.
Decorations for yourself to invent the wall, at least leads to exhilaration of your home and then you also have something on the wall which is pretty original.

Light on the wall
It is very nice to buy lighted wall print that illuminated by the LED lights. This will give your wall a little something extra, especially in a particular light. You do not have to do a whole wall, you can have a square or rectangle on the wall with this special glamor paints, there exactly where you want to hang something on.

A nice trendy print you can simply framing a special list. How to make a wall decoration that perfectly fits your interior. A separate list can be bought at a flea market. But you can also buy a cheap list (or maybe you have another one), and they give a nice color with paint.

Creative with wallpaper
At home you may have an old role lie wallpaper. Or maybe a friend or family member a role.
If not, you can buy in stores today really nice wallpaper gently in a variety of colors and print.
And thus make a nice decoration for your wall.

You can cut a shape out of cardboard, such as a heart. Or maybe just as above an animal figure. It’s really fun to paint this form or figure with latex. How about a cup of deer, patterns can be found on the internet. Tip: the paint does not neatly there. It’s nice when the paint process which is messier as you sundry more to the edges. Also, you can see very well that the board is what’s underneath. Especially white paint on cardboard is very nice and basic.

Something different as wall decoration
There are very nice trendy fruit bowls. Buy fruit bowls once a few, for example, a silver which is exploded. The condition is that the scale is almost flat, but hang the scales on the wall and have your original wall decoration. A tray is perfect as a wall decoration, which must be square and nicely decorated on the inside. Prerequisite for this is that there is a raised edge to sit, so you can bet there slides with a few colorful flowers (art). One plate for the wall does not do it, choose several. You can also combine the bowls and blades in the decoration. Together they then one eye catcher as a decoration on the wall.

Picture wallpaper
Picture wallpaper, design wallpaper or wallpaper with patterns (floral prints) is trendy in your interior. With photo wallpaper you can create a unique style. A long wall, you can emphasize by to photograph wallpaper on doing a skyline. And own pictures can make taking pictures wallpaper. Drawings can be scanned, and here can be made of wallpaper. How creative you want to be, the possibilities are.

Your living room is ready for your decorations ! You do not wonder craft and creative brain to have to make this much money and it has not cost you. But you will see that this is very nice.

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Christmas Trends 2014

As every year, there are again discern clear trends Christmas. If you are a modern but still want to create cozy atmosphere with want to impress the holidays and you visit with your Christmas decorations, be sure that you are aware of the trends this year so you know what you need to look in the store.

This year there are several distinct styles in the Christmas decorations. So you can choose a style that suits your living room and your preference. At the same time so you can also combine different elements to create a unique Christmas decorations.

Blue, gray and bronze, finished with monochrome and geometric figures
This combination Christmas trend of 2014 because copper is in! Dark blue is combined with gray accents, so this trend has a very modern interpretation. This style gives your living room an industrial and minimalist decoration. The bronze and brass accents like some balls or candle holder still give a warm impression that the contrast of hot and cold are united into one whole. In addition to the three colors blue, gray and bronze mainly use of black and white contrasts which are repeated in geometric figures. This sleek style for the boldest and finished with elements made glass, ceramic, steel or chrome.

Strikingly colorful animals and elements
trendAn innovative Christmas trend this year is the use of bright colors such as rose, bright red, purple, turquoise and yellow. At the same time these colors are mixed with animal patterns such as parrots and peacocks. This colorful, tad extravagant Christmas trend that brings the jungle in your living room is warm, pleasant and fun for the kids. With this style hear exotic flowers and the typical painted porcelain tableware.

Red and purple with gold and dark blue
This style combines warm bordeau- and purples that are interspersed with gold, ocher and dark blue accents. So you get a warm but still a tad modern atmosphere. What is certain is that this Christmas trend is suitable for those who love a chic living room with a warm glow. The colors come back in different fabrics such as knits, linen and jute. What all of this year, the felted figures that can be hung in the tree.

Like last year, the pastel colors are back to absolute top. Favorite colors this year are pearl, mint green, soft pink and apricot. This style brings a magical feeling upwards and is therefore perfectly finished with decorations such as butterflies and silk tablecloths. The traditional elements are interspersed with Japanese patterns and charcoal drawings on rice paper.

In addition to these four big Christmas trends, there are two styles this year make their advance:

Turquoise, white and wood
This trend Christmas bring you the snow cover from your garden inside. In this style turquoise constitutes the dominating element with respect to the soft wood tones and the white background. This effect are created by small accessories such as candles, candle holder or a few little balls choosing the turquoise color and choosing the rest of the neutral, soft tones. This is a modern yet cozy style that you can still make something more stylish by some silver to add elements such as a candle or silver plate.

Traditional green, white and red with a hint of black
These traditional colors bring back memories of a cold winter you with a warm cup of cocoa in front of your fireplace. The Christmas tree is decorated with black and red Christmas balls and finished with a layer of snow. Classic red stockings hung over the fireplace. This style will kill you with knitting jobs such as knitted socks in the Christmas tree or crocheted mats. The coffee table Finally, you finish with a white bowl decorated with Christmas cookies and a few pine cones on a red satin tablecloth.

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Bigger house interior design

Your interior design and layout so that your house looks bigger than it is? Yes, you can and you have no need for interior. The colors combine smart, by utilizing the light well and lamps in the store easy to choose and by coaching yourself in cleaning, you come a long way. Your house is obviously not really bigger, but the space in your home and in your head though! A matter of watching a few aspects. The easiest way is of course if you have just bought or rented house. But it can also if you live somewhere for years! In short, choose your interior conscious and your own house architect!

Villa, mansion, town house, apartment letting broader look
You’d think a house is more than … But also a country house or a villa, you can leave seem wider than it is. It’s just what someone needs.

Daylight, lamplight, mirrors

Opt for maximum daylight in the house. ‘Empty’ windowsills. Few plants in the windowsill. Plain plant pots. Preferably one or two big pots / plants than a lot of little ones. Plain curtains or curtains with a woven pattern in the same color. Well curtains, but not too drapes.

Choose lamps with care. Opt for lamps designed delicately. Light in color, open forms and lamps in the same style. Preferably from the same series of the same designer. This applies both to the basic lighting (ceiling for quite a departure) and work lighting (desk lamps) as the ambient lighting (display lights).

Mirrors provide extra light in the house because they reflect light. Moreover, they reflect the space making the suggestion that there is a space. Please note possible annoying reflections of lamplight. Mirrors need not only be functional, but may also be a decorative object.

Color Choice
Keep the number of colors in your interior modest. Choose bright, quiet colors. Not so bright red!
If you are afraid that it is boring, choose colors that are closely related to each other. Tonal hot that when it comes to clothes. Or care for variation in the structure instead of diversity in your color choice.

Good riddance … spacious

Create peace in your home by keeping your home tidy. Allowing extra closet space needed. Maybe you should even out on a new cabinet. That seems contradictory, because an extra closet taking up additional space. But you get there ‘visual’ space in return. And if you do go to a furniture store for a cabinet or wall unit, go in search of proof cabinets so you do not see all the objects that are in the closet.

Wall Decoration
Keep your wall decoration modest. Again, as in the windowsill would prefer a large poster, painting or photograph instead of a colorful variety of frames in many sizes and colors. And if you do a lot of pictures to hang on, create a photo collage in a large, quiet list.

Room layout
Again, something seemingly contradictory: put all kinds of stuff not against each other, but slightly apart. That suggests space takes all the little square or cubic centimeters of space. Keep the floor surface in the middle empty as possible. No central, rustic coffee table that demands walking space and requires attention.

Be smart with the lines in your home. So you can get a small room (model pijpenla) wider by flooding for example, click laminate by allowing cross lay the upholsterer, so in width. A low room seem higher by vertical lines in the wallpaper. Select cabinets along the wall which have the same depth, so there is as it were, a straight line can be drawn along.

House Design connect with garden design
If you have a room that overlooks garden or balcony, try these spaces to dress in the same style. Therefore it seems that the more spaces fit together, hear more together. And that creates peace.

Priori or furnish more spacious?
If you go with a clean slate, read a new home starts, then such a device requires a lot of thought beforehand.
If you want to work from an existing situation to such spatial organization, calls especially to clean up and step by step what to change details. Also nice, because then you see your house slowly wider! But in both cases there are plenty of opportunities!

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Beautiful candles, what are the trends winter 2014?

Beautiful candles, what are the trends winter 2014?

Candles we find a very long time in humans, many centuries before the current era. It’s been a long time is the time to extend the day, as it were. Since we invented the artificial light in its current form, the candle has lost functionality. Indeed, the candle is in that direction for a long time had no function … and yet the candle every year is gaining in popularity. The candle in a renewed form.

Decorative Candles Table Centerpiece

Lighted-Christmas-Candle-Table-CenterpieceDuring the winter months we join in the houses where we imagine ourselves safe and we like to stay. It’s cozy and warm and so we fit more than happy to.  The beautiful candle table centerpiece just for mood lighting should ensure there is not so much in print, but more like a combination of candles in the same style, but in different colors often warm, if not on a stand or on a platter. It is a pallet of at least 5 candles and gives a large beam of light in the house. Yet it is not predominant, because the advantage is that it always gives candlelight warm light. Prefer this season goes to the combination of a little glitter with the robust … and that is a bold combination.

If you can get somewhere the word “atmosphere” is on the loose it on the candle. The beautiful candle is made of beeswax or stearic and only the ribbon (string) in the center ensures that you -Once you aansteek the wick – get a beautiful light. The fat melts and is drawn by the capillary action in the wick. At the top of the wick, which has become fat, evaporative gas and burn while radiating heat and light. Along with oil lamps, the torch and the wood burning fire, it is the oldest artificial light that man has always had with him. Especially during the winter months when it is dark very early, this was an ideal way to extend still the day. It was only with less atmosphere than working today.

Scented candle for a wonderful aroma
There are two major differences, on the one hand you have the scented candle. A candle is actually specially put down for the tasty choice. A fragrance that suits you and preferably, but not necessarily, in a package that also turned on.

Scented candles are always in standard scents like vanilla and lavender. But also a kind of sea air, the smell of something delicious laundry on the clothesline to dry or has the smell of cotton. The winter months when the candle is doing even better, also has special winter scents. A good example of a typical winter scent of cinnamon.

However, the trends are to be found, in particular, in the packaging. Large contoured glass containers, which are also later still used, sometimes in the most beautiful colors and shapes. Glass containers with beautiful prints we see. The prints give an impression of a cozy living room … and we also of course they want to especially see. Prints of flowers, wood prints and prints not something specific and can best be described as psychedelic circles overlap. All naturally in warm colors, because it typifies the winter.

Trends are to be found in all kinds of flat and you can not think of it almost as crazy to think that there is a trend. As well as candles and therefore for winter 2014/2015. Although you rather think that a candle is a candle and you can not do much with it, that’s really a misconception.

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How do you organize your rooms

Have you finally found a nice room, then it is time to start thinking about the decor. Then there are some things that come into play such as the dimensions of the room, what do you need and how do you organize it?

The dimensions of the room
The dimensions of the room will determine how the room can be best equipped. Here you have to go all aware from the moment you start searching. If you only have a single bed and a desk like it is a room of 9 m² enough. But you want to have a reasonable closet and a double denotes soon to the 12 sqm. Would you then also have a sitting with you must be at least 18 sqm. Are you home habituated from space and you have no common area is wise to choose a room from 16 sqm. So you have enough space for yourself and you have this way also more ways to decorate your room in her own sentences.

The golden tip for finding the right room first think about what you need and then go looking for a room that meets your requirements. Please note that not only on the surface but also on the shape of the room. With an L-shaped room, you can very different directions than a rectangular one. If you have found a room make a floor plan with dimensions in scale. So you can put on paper your room already completely set up, which is easier than your gear shift several times.

What do I need
Before you buy the stuff and the room is set up it is important to first know what exactly you need. If you go to college is a bed, a desk and a wardrobe minimal. If there is no common area can be nice to also have a private sitting area. Also check that the room could use a new color, or hang curtains and whether a floor is in. By example, one wall to give a dark color and the rest a matching light color, you create more space in the small room, also care for light furniture. The floor should be then darker, for example, a dark-colored laminate or a matched color carpet. The price tag is also wise to look at what you already have and what you do not need at home with your parents, you can take this easy.

What are my options
Do you have a small room, for example, 9 m² and you still want a seat, then it might be wise to purchase a sofa bed. That’s a day to bed that you can turn it into a bank. There are also beds to get to the bottom drawers, so you save space in a good way. For the books can wardrobes are a nice outcome. These can be hung on the wall at the desired height, for example over your bed or above your desk. Do you occasionally your friend (s) to sleep, then there are also those singles you can slide into a double bed. But even a skeptic may be a nice solution. It’s all entirely up to you, go for a browse in shops and on the Internet. Now you can arrange everything to your own taste!

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Christmas Plant of all time: the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the most sold plant during the Christmas period. From living rooms to market squares, you get him anywhere. Great Christmas trees, small Christmas trees, fake Christmas trees, wooden design Christmas trees, Christmas trees where the lighting is built … spoiled for choice!

What is a tree?
The Christmas tree is a conifer that is taken around Christmas at home. He is then decorated with balls and figurines, garlands, lights and possibly a peak.

The origin
The Christmas tree stands next to fertility also symbolize the rebirth of the light. We then talk about the Christmas tree as spruce, not pine. The symbolism of the Christmas tree goes back at least to Ancient Roman festival Saturnia. During this festival, the death of the last year and the birth of the new year is celebrated with decorations of evergreen plants. These trees were then surrounded by sacrifice. The balls, stars and crescents which they hung in the pine had a cosmic significance.

The Christmas tree and Christianity
The Roman Catholic Church has kept the Christmas tree because of its pagan roots long time. The Christmas tree has absolutely nothing to do with the Christian Christmas. Since 1982, stands at the Vatican a Christmas tree. Catholics initially preferred a nativity Christmas tree. The triangular shape of the holy trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) represent. The Christmas tree had therefore to their more successful. The Catholic Church has its own meaning to the tree.

Types of Christmas trees
The artificial Christmas tree is also very popular. Nowadays, even the slightly processed in these trees. The trees may well be made up of a metal frame with flame retardant plastic needles, many are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. And miss the smell of a real tree? Then there are aerosols with the smell of a real tree for sale.

Which you can decorate a Christmas tree?

  •     Christmas balls or figurines
  •     Garlands
  •     A spike, star, bow or angel in the tip of the tree
  •     Tinsel
  •     Christmas tree lights
  •     Biscuits and sweets
  •     A Christmas ornament under the tree
  •     Presents on the tree
  •     Furthermore, you can also make a Christmas village with miniature houses.

Christmas Sales

The Christmas tree was formerly sold via street. Nowadays, many people buy their copy in large stores, garden centers and even over the Internet. They have less and less time to buy a Christmas tree in the street. It is therefore useful if you put it together with your groceries can buy anywhere. The competition in the selling Christmas trees is growing. The trees are offered at the lowest prices to attract people. The shops make more profit today on the accessories and decorations of the Christmas tree. A new trend in the field of Christmas trees is the adoptive sale, lease or deposit trees entrance. The trees with root ball can be hired and be handed in after Christmas. The trees are then replanted.

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Which wood is best suited for your stove or fireplace?

Whether you have a stove or fireplace, is not so important. Well what woods you fired. Many different woods burn well because they are not dried properly, all be fired. In the following article you will get some information about the different types of wood and possibilities.

Ash is undoubtedly an ideal wood for the fireplace. Tough, hard and elastic wood. Gives a slow burn and good heat. Also very suitable for the larger fireplaces. Provides great flames.

Birch wood is also an excellent fireplace wood. Birch wood is a wood that gives little contamination of the flue are clean burning. The wood is very pure, but can “suffer” having mushroom growth. While this does not hurt, it looks a bit silly. Naturally dried wood colors gray and kiln dried gives it a nice white color. The bark has the property that it catches fire very easily. A disadvantage is that the burn quickly.

Oak is a very hard, but elastic wood. The fire very long with little smoke and wood do not often be so bijgedaan. The wood must have dried for at least two years before it is used. When it is dry the wood displays moving and crackling flames.

Alder wood is lighter than the above species. Wood The combustion is very good, but the fire faster than oak and ash. On But thus provides faster its heat to the environment. This wood is particularly suitable for soapstone stoves. The soapstone gives very long heat to the environment.

Hornbeam and fruit trees
Although this type of wood is not very common, it is very suitable as firewood.

Coniferous and deciduous
Although conifers give a lot of heat, this timber has the disadvantage that it can burn quickly and the sparks caused by the resins in the timber, to jump far away. Not suitable for a fireplace so. In a heater you will not suffer from this disadvantage. So in the fireplace, use best hardwood that burns quietly, like wood of beech, maple and fruit trees. An alternative may be to a fire grate to protect carpet or persons, places for the fireplace.

Not all trees are good burners: linden, willow, chestnut and poplar wood do not burn best and thus give too little heat

Wood briquettes are an excellent choice for heating in the house. They are made of pressed wood shavings and wood fiber waste left over from the timber industry. Furthermore there any additives in it.

Wood Pellets
Wood pellets are pressed pellets (wood waste products) that can be used in a special pellet stove or heating system.

Spruce is a wood that is very common and is used mainly for construction and pallet wood. Is a soft wood species, which is only suitable to be fired in a stove. Want from the burning often jump sparks and burns quickly. It gives a high heat of combustion and if you are for the sawing, often also get free (disposable pallets or scrap wood). Itself has Please note varnished or stained wood. This gives a major pollution in your chimney and is bad for the environment.

The wood can also be the best thing on the ground so there can not draw moisture and also taking care to properly ventilate the timber.

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