Beautiful candles, what are the trends winter 2014?

Beautiful candles, what are the trends winter 2014?

Candles we find a very long time in humans, many centuries before the current era. It’s been a long time is the time to extend the day, as it were. Since we invented the artificial light in its current form, the candle has lost functionality. Indeed, the candle is in that direction for a long time had no function … and yet the candle every year is gaining in popularity. The candle in a renewed form.

Decorative Candles Table Centerpiece

Lighted-Christmas-Candle-Table-CenterpieceDuring the winter months we join in the houses where we imagine ourselves safe and we like to stay. It’s cozy and warm and so we fit more than happy to.  The beautiful candle table centerpiece just for mood lighting should ensure there is not so much in print, but more like a combination of candles in the same style, but in different colors often warm, if not on a stand or on a platter. It is a pallet of at least 5 candles and gives a large beam of light in the house. Yet it is not predominant, because the advantage is that it always gives candlelight warm light. Prefer this season goes to the combination of a little glitter with the robust … and that is a bold combination.

If you can get somewhere the word “atmosphere” is on the loose it on the candle. The beautiful candle is made of beeswax or stearic and only the ribbon (string) in the center ensures that you -Once you aansteek the wick – get a beautiful light. The fat melts and is drawn by the capillary action in the wick. At the top of the wick, which has become fat, evaporative gas and burn while radiating heat and light. Along with oil lamps, the torch and the wood burning fire, it is the oldest artificial light that man has always had with him. Especially during the winter months when it is dark very early, this was an ideal way to extend still the day. It was only with less atmosphere than working today.

Scented candle for a wonderful aroma
There are two major differences, on the one hand you have the scented candle. A candle is actually specially put down for the tasty choice. A fragrance that suits you and preferably, but not necessarily, in a package that also turned on.

Scented candles are always in standard scents like vanilla and lavender. But also a kind of sea air, the smell of something delicious laundry on the clothesline to dry or has the smell of cotton. The winter months when the candle is doing even better, also has special winter scents. A good example of a typical winter scent of cinnamon.

However, the trends are to be found, in particular, in the packaging. Large contoured glass containers, which are also later still used, sometimes in the most beautiful colors and shapes. Glass containers with beautiful prints we see. The prints give an impression of a cozy living room … and we also of course they want to especially see. Prints of flowers, wood prints and prints not something specific and can best be described as psychedelic circles overlap. All naturally in warm colors, because it typifies the winter.

Trends are to be found in all kinds of flat and you can not think of it almost as crazy to think that there is a trend. As well as candles and therefore for winter 2014/2015. Although you rather think that a candle is a candle and you can not do much with it, that’s really a misconception.

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How do you organize your rooms

Have you finally found a nice room, then it is time to start thinking about the decor. Then there are some things that come into play such as the dimensions of the room, what do you need and how do you organize it?

The dimensions of the room
The dimensions of the room will determine how the room can be best equipped. Here you have to go all aware from the moment you start searching. If you only have a single bed and a desk like it is a room of 9 m² enough. But you want to have a reasonable closet and a double denotes soon to the 12 sqm. Would you then also have a sitting with you must be at least 18 sqm. Are you home habituated from space and you have no common area is wise to choose a room from 16 sqm. So you have enough space for yourself and you have this way also more ways to decorate your room in her own sentences.

The golden tip for finding the right room first think about what you need and then go looking for a room that meets your requirements. Please note that not only on the surface but also on the shape of the room. With an L-shaped room, you can very different directions than a rectangular one. If you have found a room make a floor plan with dimensions in scale. So you can put on paper your room already completely set up, which is easier than your gear shift several times.

What do I need
Before you buy the stuff and the room is set up it is important to first know what exactly you need. If you go to college is a bed, a desk and a wardrobe minimal. If there is no common area can be nice to also have a private sitting area. Also check that the room could use a new color, or hang curtains and whether a floor is in. By example, one wall to give a dark color and the rest a matching light color, you create more space in the small room, also care for light furniture. The floor should be then darker, for example, a dark-colored laminate or a matched color carpet. The price tag is also wise to look at what you already have and what you do not need at home with your parents, you can take this easy.

What are my options
Do you have a small room, for example, 9 m² and you still want a seat, then it might be wise to purchase a sofa bed. That’s a day to bed that you can turn it into a bank. There are also beds to get to the bottom drawers, so you save space in a good way. For the books can wardrobes are a nice outcome. These can be hung on the wall at the desired height, for example over your bed or above your desk. Do you occasionally your friend (s) to sleep, then there are also those singles you can slide into a double bed. But even a skeptic may be a nice solution. It’s all entirely up to you, go for a browse in shops and on the Internet. Now you can arrange everything to your own taste!

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Christmas Plant of all time: the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the most sold plant during the Christmas period. From living rooms to market squares, you get him anywhere. Great Christmas trees, small Christmas trees, fake Christmas trees, wooden design Christmas trees, Christmas trees where the lighting is built … spoiled for choice!

What is a tree?
The Christmas tree is a conifer that is taken around Christmas at home. He is then decorated with balls and figurines, garlands, lights and possibly a peak.

The origin
The Christmas tree stands next to fertility also symbolize the rebirth of the light. We then talk about the Christmas tree as spruce, not pine. The symbolism of the Christmas tree goes back at least to Ancient Roman festival Saturnia. During this festival, the death of the last year and the birth of the new year is celebrated with decorations of evergreen plants. These trees were then surrounded by sacrifice. The balls, stars and crescents which they hung in the pine had a cosmic significance.

The Christmas tree and Christianity
The Roman Catholic Church has kept the Christmas tree because of its pagan roots long time. The Christmas tree has absolutely nothing to do with the Christian Christmas. Since 1982, stands at the Vatican a Christmas tree. Catholics initially preferred a nativity Christmas tree. The triangular shape of the holy trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) represent. The Christmas tree had therefore to their more successful. The Catholic Church has its own meaning to the tree.

Types of Christmas trees
The artificial Christmas tree is also very popular. Nowadays, even the slightly processed in these trees. The trees may well be made up of a metal frame with flame retardant plastic needles, many are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. And miss the smell of a real tree? Then there are aerosols with the smell of a real tree for sale.

Which you can decorate a Christmas tree?

  •     Christmas balls or figurines
  •     Garlands
  •     A spike, star, bow or angel in the tip of the tree
  •     Tinsel
  •     Christmas tree lights
  •     Biscuits and sweets
  •     A Christmas ornament under the tree
  •     Presents on the tree
  •     Furthermore, you can also make a Christmas village with miniature houses.

Christmas Sales

The Christmas tree was formerly sold via street. Nowadays, many people buy their copy in large stores, garden centers and even over the Internet. They have less and less time to buy a Christmas tree in the street. It is therefore useful if you put it together with your groceries can buy anywhere. The competition in the selling Christmas trees is growing. The trees are offered at the lowest prices to attract people. The shops make more profit today on the accessories and decorations of the Christmas tree. A new trend in the field of Christmas trees is the adoptive sale, lease or deposit trees entrance. The trees with root ball can be hired and be handed in after Christmas. The trees are then replanted.

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Which wood is best suited for your stove or fireplace?

Whether you have a stove or fireplace, is not so important. Well what woods you fired. Many different woods burn well because they are not dried properly, all be fired. In the following article you will get some information about the different types of wood and possibilities.

Ash is undoubtedly an ideal wood for the fireplace. Tough, hard and elastic wood. Gives a slow burn and good heat. Also very suitable for the larger fireplaces. Provides great flames.

Birch wood is also an excellent fireplace wood. Birch wood is a wood that gives little contamination of the flue are clean burning. The wood is very pure, but can “suffer” having mushroom growth. While this does not hurt, it looks a bit silly. Naturally dried wood colors gray and kiln dried gives it a nice white color. The bark has the property that it catches fire very easily. A disadvantage is that the burn quickly.

Oak is a very hard, but elastic wood. The fire very long with little smoke and wood do not often be so bijgedaan. The wood must have dried for at least two years before it is used. When it is dry the wood displays moving and crackling flames.

Alder wood is lighter than the above species. Wood The combustion is very good, but the fire faster than oak and ash. On But thus provides faster its heat to the environment. This wood is particularly suitable for soapstone stoves. The soapstone gives very long heat to the environment.

Hornbeam and fruit trees
Although this type of wood is not very common, it is very suitable as firewood.

Coniferous and deciduous
Although conifers give a lot of heat, this timber has the disadvantage that it can burn quickly and the sparks caused by the resins in the timber, to jump far away. Not suitable for a fireplace so. In a heater you will not suffer from this disadvantage. So in the fireplace, use best hardwood that burns quietly, like wood of beech, maple and fruit trees. An alternative may be to a fire grate to protect carpet or persons, places for the fireplace.

Not all trees are good burners: linden, willow, chestnut and poplar wood do not burn best and thus give too little heat

Wood briquettes are an excellent choice for heating in the house. They are made of pressed wood shavings and wood fiber waste left over from the timber industry. Furthermore there any additives in it.

Wood Pellets
Wood pellets are pressed pellets (wood waste products) that can be used in a special pellet stove or heating system.

Spruce is a wood that is very common and is used mainly for construction and pallet wood. Is a soft wood species, which is only suitable to be fired in a stove. Want from the burning often jump sparks and burns quickly. It gives a high heat of combustion and if you are for the sawing, often also get free (disposable pallets or scrap wood). Itself has Please note varnished or stained wood. This gives a major pollution in your chimney and is bad for the environment.

The wood can also be the best thing on the ground so there can not draw moisture and also taking care to properly ventilate the timber.

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Outdoor Dining – The benefits of an outdoor kitchen

When it comes to home design and remodeling, one of the best improvements you can make is adding an outdoor kitchen. Your new outdoor living space comes with many benefits, such as:

It makes grilling a family affair – no longer appears Papa must sweat out by the grill while everyone else is waiting inside for dinner. With an outdoor kitchen, the whole family can be part of the meal-making process. Mom and the kids prepare the salad and side dishes next to Dad, not inside the house. The conversation takes before your family has sat down at the table

It’s just entertaining -. Rather than make a wealth of traveling to a from the house to bring food and drinks for your guests, you’ll be everything you have right there. You can save your score, without interrupting or miss to feed calls. And if you have a few final elements, such as an extra salad or appetizer improvised need to make, you do not have to go inside and miss out on the fun while doing it

It will increase your resale value. – Outdoor kitchens have become one of the hottest trends in home design. If you ever want to sell your house, an outdoor kitchen will increase your property value by at least a few thousand dollars. Not only will your home look modern and updated, but the extra “space” outdoors will appeal to potential buyers

It brings you out there – Let’s face it. Sometimes it can be hard to wrest the family’s computers, televisions and air conditioning. Outdoor meals you can make that make everyday dinner into something exciting. Light some candles, make some music and enjoy the sun and fresh air. Without additional effort, dinner has become a special event

It creates a second kitchen -. Since most outdoor kitchens barbecue, sink and mini-fridge are, it will come in handy in the event that your main kitchen is not operating. Outdoor kitchens can help you get through a plumbing emergency, power outages (if you have an electric stove in the kitchen remodel main) and a kitchen. If the main kitchen is a mess of epic proportions, and you just can not face cleaning before dinner, break out the paper plates and napkins and head outside.
You can use the “transformation” without live through a remodel – If you do some home improvements but do not want to do a ton of money, an outdoor kitchen is a cost effective solution. You can add a new “space” to the house, increase. Your living room and still pick out new accessories for the kitchen and garden equipment and outdoor furniture There is a kitchen redesign on a smaller scale

It can improve your social life -. Everyone loves a barbecue party, and what better reason than people over to show off your new outdoor kitchen and dining area invite? You might meet some new neighbors – if they’re outside grilling, it is the perfect time for some over-the-fence chit chat. . Become husbands grilling buddies, while wives swap recipes and cooking tips

Before you decide to start your outdoor kitchen design process, there is one thing to remember: If it enough to make it worth the money? If you only usually pull the grill a few times a year – compared to the person who does not have to cook inside when it rains – an outdoor kitchen is probably not the update for you home. But, when outdoor entertaining is already a part of your lifestyle, then an outdoor kitchen is a great gain to be.

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Choosing a floor covering: where should you look

There are more and more types of flooring on the market. That is obviously beneficial, but it makes choosing a floor is not getting easier. The ideal flooring for all conditions does not exist. In addition to circumstances, personal preferences, and the interior play an important role in making the right decisions. In any case, it is wise to consider the points mentioned in this article. That can help you make a first selection of different types of flooring. After that you yourself know more about the remaining alternatives.

The right flooring in the function space

Initially, it is important for the area (s) carpeting is intended and what demands are made. Thereby to the floor In addition, the following matters are involved:

  • Tax. There is a lot or a little run in the space? Traffic areas like a hallway or a large office require a wear-resistant floor covering for example a bedroom, where hardly walked. A living room is in this picture somewhere between hall and bedroom.
  • Sensitivity impression. What things come to stand on the floor Some floor coverings are quite vulnerable to scratches, impressions, pitting or other damage. Such floors are not suitable, for example, a laundry room or workspace, but often cause problems with office chairs.
  • Moisture resistance. Is there a lot of moisture in a room? Many floors can not be as good at a large amount of moisture as you find in the bathroom in particular. There should really be a flooring that can have, because otherwise you can replace some things very quickly. Kitchens and conservatories are also more humid than other areas, but less than sanitary.
  • Ease of cleaning. You can expect a lot of dirt on the floor? Carpets and some other types of flooring is quite difficult to clean. Who are unfit for example, a kitchen or a place where a lot of dirt is dragged like a hall or school inside.
  • Atmosphere. What mood do you want in the space? Soft floor coverings such as carpet giving an atmosphere very different types of hard and tiles. Natural floor coverings such as wood or sisal have a whole different look than plastic or concrete floors.

floorTraditionally, people choose for the above reasons, a hard floor in bathroom and kitchen, usually tile, and soft floor coverings such as carpet in the bedroom. For other areas, they keep the choices more spacious. But this need not be. Even the bathrooms are becoming more feasible alternatives, including, for example cork, a floor of flakes or screed. Meanwhile bedrooms are quite attractive with some harder floor types. Particularly wood or laminate, linoleum and gravel flooring can fit well in a bedroom atmosphere.

The right flooring for your home

What is a suitable floor also depends on the interior style you have chosen. Not every type of flooring fits nicely with any style. Overall enter decorators of the following:

Classic or antique style decor
Serve with carpets and tiles of natural stone. The ideal is probably parquet flooring containing some (oriental) rugs. Too dark variants of cork often do well in a classic style.

Country-style interior
Wood floors fit here like no other, but preferably with a very natural (leached or whitewash) appearance. Other natural flooring like seagrass, sisal or bamboo flooring is often beautiful, like rustic-looking tiles. In relatively modern variants of the country-style flooring linoleum and linoleum or quartz are also suitable, provided in softer colors.

Modern interior style
In a modern interior is possible. Fact, all types of flooring available that meet modern decor variants. Here the focus is on the floor that matches in color and atmosphere of the rest of the decor.

Effects in small spaces

Some floors can bring a particular optical effect in a room. This may be especially desirable in small spaces. Hou then take particular account of the following:

A dark floor makes a room look smaller. Therefore, choose especially in small rooms for a light floor.
A diagonally laid floor makes a small space seem larger. This effect can be achieved with tiles or tiles, but also with parquet, laminate or PVC strips

Personal circumstances and preferences

There are different personal circumstances, characteristics or preferences conceivable that determine which flooring is most suitable for you in particular.

Floors in an apartment

A special issue is laying floors in an apartment. Because certain types of hard flooring cause much noise, which can not usually be placed. Apartments Fortunately, there is more and more improvement. This has to do with the rise of the ratchet system for laying laminate, which ensures that the carpet can be, which gives much less noise. ‘Floating’ down This locking system is now also available for parquet, linoleum and PVC.

Some flooring types are doubtful when it comes to apartments. These are like linoleum floors / linoleum, gravel floors, flakes or flakes and cork flooring. These are basically hard floors, but they still work pretty soundproof. Therefore, they may sometimes not, and sometimes. In these cases you should consult with the landlord or homeowners association or such floor is permitted.


The texture of the carpet and how it feels is important for your future living experience. And that applies not only to people but also for the animals in the house. Please note in this context the following:

On really slippery floors as smooth tiles you slide out easily. Pets have no hold on such a floor and writhe often some around. Mostly you can solve that by laying rugs. In many slippery floors can however adjust the degree of smoothness. So there are rough tiles on the market and you can get kinds of raw laminate or PVC.

If you’re used to walk a lot, barefoot or stockings you better be careful with natural rugs as sisal and coconut, because they pick up. On hard floors, you can not sit on your knees and kids will not like to play. Floors which in any way something of stone or concrete is incorporated in its hardest.

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Antique rocking horses, beautiful decoration in your living room

Bring the horse to life in the form of children’s toys being done anywhere in the world since time immemorial, it is known that there have already been made. Around 400 BC in Persia as well as with the ancient Greeks toy horses In the Middle Ages it was all horses on wheels find that their children could practice for jousting and around the middle of the 19th century that the first wooden horses on wheels that were pulled.


The rocking horse would be derived from the Cradle, a fact that most historians will agree. We will show you a number of ancient copies here a precious and beautiful decoration for your living room that can be purchased in England. At various restorers There are also replicas for sale with the same craftsmanship as previously manufactured.

Above the first photo we see the rocking horse was built to give. Weakened by rickets legs of the young King Charles I more force reportedly The horse is now in possession of the V & A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green in England. Beside a primitive French horse from the 18th century and a 19th-century German horse.

The simple horse on wheels was in the course of centuries been perfected and in the 19th century is often combined the rolling horse with a swing frame so the toy animal received a dual function, thanks to a typically simple attachment to the frame were children themselves choose to swing or ride the horse.

At the end of the 19th century, the wheels are missing more often, horses are a lot better shape, getting more and more details are coated with a coat and mane of real horsehair. The swing frame for rocking horses is originally English product, the rocking horses were popular with the rich and time it was thought that children’s rocking horse balance and correct posture master could get needed for riding a real horse.


Spotted rocking horses first appeared in the late 18th and early 19th century, they were mostly white with black spots. The horses were cut from ash or beech, coarsely grated and filed and then covered with ‘Gesso’, an adhesive plaster on the basis of plaster. This was easier than sanding the wood in proper form.

Even so, this was also a time-consuming process in which the gypsum was applied in multiple layers, which were between sanded by becoming warm. Each layer asked a drying time of about 10 hours but the end result also gave a surface that was slippery and very well made painting, we see in this period than many beautiful horses are beautifully painted.


The safety standard was an American invention that was patented by Philip MARQUA in England in 1880, surprisingly, this patent was not renewed and today anyone can now make rocking horses on such a structure. At the beginning of the 20th century the horses to a safety standard became more popular.

Above we see the original American version of the safety standards, they took up less space on riding the horse, could not roll over their shorter stroke and the kids had a lot more control over. Glider Rocking Horses were a household name in America, often beautifully ornamented and with real leather saddle and harness.

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Kitchen Cabinets Painting – Tips and advice

Kitchen cabinets new in the paint. Painting the old kitchen cabinets need not be expensive and leads to a surprising result. After painting your kitchen cabinets-and possibly changing some Accessories- is your kitchen like new and can last for years. Again This article will give you tips on how to plan and implement the painting of your kitchen, the preparation, sanding, filling, and sealing, as the painting itself. Painting may optionally with: acrylic paint, turpentine-soluble paint, or poly-urethane paint. The painting itself is done with brush and / or roller.

Painting – Kitchen plan

First you decide what you want with the kitchen doors. Let your cabinet doors-in basic as they are, or bring your example, first a profile slat, so that they could possibly get a very different look? Then you determine the material of the substrate, which is important for the choice of your first coat. First apply any changes to the kitchen. Te could include: extra cabinets, new refrigerator, counter top, shelves and the like. Also things like: new tiles, diverting lights, sockets and so you can adjust better first, so that the whole can be when painting polished.

Painting – Kitchen color

When choosing paint color into the light in your kitchen. A kitchen is soon 6 to 10m2, so that an intrusive or dark color quickly coming your way, especially if the room is not too bright. Most important is that you feel comfortable in your surroundings and choose colors that suit you. In contrast, cost of painting your kitchen cabinets above time and you can always change color without having to make excessive costs.

If in doubt, always first to buy a small jar of the color of your choice and put a few “test doors’ in color. On this basis, you can always decide to take the paint. One shade lighter, darker, softer or brighter Finally, there are thousands of colors to mix the paint mixing machine at retailers or do-it-yourself store, so paint ‘something for everyone’

Painting – Painting Surface

The base or foundation of your painting is always the most important. It is not good, then you will always be problems later, which are difficult to reverse. It is important to determine how the surface is. Is this plastic, veneer or solid wood? Choose a primer ie primer, which is suitable for the surface. This is intended to provide for the further advancement of your paint system. Proper bonding / base Even primer is to mix all so you can get down to the end result. -on Voorhand- an idea in the desired final color.

Painting – color and type of paint

The final color or final color of the paint is of course very personal. Since most kitchens however, heavily used, I recommend preferably a polyurethane varnish / paint. This is due to its composition a good wear-resistant paint and is also in many standard colors to blend. Sale, or in your own paint color You can choose between turpentine-soluble or water-soluble paint, or acrylic paint. The water-soluble paint is obviously more environmentally friendly, but dries faster and is more difficult to handle. Therefore, preference is often given to turpentine-soluble paint. Ventilate when processing a paint based on turpentine well (turpentine vapor).

Tips for dyeing and painting

Put the paint brush (s) at a turpentine soluble paint in between the water (where paint it, it comes no water). Before the start of the water hitting the brush, working in the paint and finished! Paint Brushes you use a water-based paints (acrylic), you can make some good days keep rolling by. Them in a damp to wet lint-free cloth
Put the lacquer roller used in a bag in the freezer. In time from the freezer get before you start painting, so the cold is off (applies paint with turpentine-dilutable only)
Cut the nozzle of the sealant cant, make the opening is not too big, so you can work. Dosed Ironing acrylic with a damp, wet finger. Use a little water and no turpentine.

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Country living: trends, tips, and interior lighting

A rural interior is characterized by the use of weathered materials and natural colors. Country living is in a farm, but in a new house is this style of decorating up well. As with many things is to choosing a residential-style planning is necessary. Form a clear picture of the atmosphere that you have in mind and do not forget to choose the tastiest where you feel comfortable with yourself. Atmosphere that Dare to combine and determine your own combinations. Form your own dream decor and live like no one lives.

Country living; should I choose?
Often choosing the right styles, colors and materials, a big dilemma and you do not. Soon see the trees for the forest Luckily rural living a clearly recognizable style, or not? After a bit of snooping around in stores and on the internet, you can still quickly find some variations and the rural living increasingly combined with different ones living styles from modern to classic, but also combinations with vintage stuff we see more and more. Eventually, of course, you do not have to choose, and you decide what you like, combine and what does not. Do you want your own living style well penetrations do so throughout the house. This increases the effect and gives a smoother image.

Start with the basics
What is the basis? The basis of your device, the chosen colors on the walls and floors and the chosen materials. A wooden floor has a completely different feel than a linoleum floor, but the root of your device is more than colors and materials. Also, shapes and structures play an important role. Eventually all counts in the overall atmosphere picture. Consider the finish of your entire house; sockets, door and window hardware, baseboards and so on. For a country feel with the following elements are important for the overall appearance of your home:

Moldings and baseboards
Country living? Start with the basics and take it well. Placing and / or replacing trims have a large impact on the look of the room. Besides that trims fit well with country-style décor, they also work the often ugly wall-ceiling joints nice way. The places you have to do, but you are a good handyman you can also create them get to work. The price of moldings vary greatly and depends on the material and the model chosen. Besides moldings you can finish the floor with beautiful moldings. Characteristic of a rural interior is the high plinth, the plinth is often finished with a beautiful milled edge. This edge has many variations and is available both independant stores and on the Internet. The quality can vary greatly inform well in humid areas is a plinth of better quality might be a better solution.

Doors and door fittings
Do you have a new home and you want a country feel? Replace your simple doors panel doors. Panel doors you can buy both new and used. The effect of new doors can be called large. The choice of door hardware is important, widely used is the 30′s door fittings, especially ton model is widely used. It is often worthwhile but underestimated the cost of replacing doors and door fittings not, that can add up quickly. Even traditional rural door hardware is available. Both in stores and in online shops.

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